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Jewelry Making Tools

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    22 products
    Large Disc Cutter 1'' To 2'' Hole Puncher Jewlery Making Tool Craft Hole Circle
    Wedding Ring Band Enlarger Enlarge Expander Expand Ring Sizer w/ 15 Dies
    36 PC Stainless Steel Ring Sizer and Aluminum Ring Stick Combo Universal US Size
    Set Of 18 Pc 5-1/4''L Bezel Setting Prong Closing Punch Set Stone Setting Ring Jewelry Tool Jeweler Craft
    33 PC Transfer Punch Set 1/2" to 1" by 64th
    28 Pcs. 3/32 - 1/2'' Transfer Punch By 64th Set Punches Machinist Thread Tool
    10 PC NUMBERS 0-9 Hand Steel Punches & Stamps 1/4" 6MM Marking Metal Stamping
    Bending Steel Dapping Block 5 Half round Depressions Jewelry Dapping Forming w/ Roller
    36 PC Capital Uppercase LETTERS NUMBERS Metal Punches & Stamps Die Stamps Marking 1/8" 3MM
    5-1/2'' Double Spring Slim Long Nose Plier Grabbing Picking Jewelry Pliers Tool
    Set Of 5PC 11'' Long Nose Pliers Set Bent Nose, Hose, Cable Hand Tool Pouch Automotive
    Precision Expanding Mandrel Set 1/2" - 1", 5 mandrels & 5 Sleeves #ML 1/2 - 1
    1-16 Steel Ring Mandrel Laser Marked and Ungrooved Sizes Jewelry Tool 13" L
    Plain Ring Mandrel Sizing Shaping Grooved Unmarked Jeweler Forming Bending
    Jeweler Oval 15" Bracelet Mandrel Tapered Steel Metal Shape Forming Wire Wrap
    Jeweler Dodecagon 15" Bracelet Mandrel Tapered Steel Metal Shape Forming Formed
    Jeweler DECAGON 14-7/8'' Bracelet Mandrel Tapered Steel Metal Shape Forming Wire Wrap
    Jeweler Pentagon Bracelet Mandrel Tapered Steel Forming Metal Wire Wrap Tool
    10 PC Set Jeweler Jewelry Dapping Block Doming Punch Puncher Metal Craft Forming
    Heavy Duty Rounding Ring Stretcher Enlarger Expander Sizer Machine
    Heavy Duty Ring STRETCHER BENDER REDUCER Enlarger Mandrel Bend-ing Tool
    Ring Stretcher Expander Stone Setting Enlarger Sizer Set 16 PC